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What is Optimax?

Optimax is one of the best training logs available. It can perform training related calculations in terms of either hours or distances. All you have to do is enter the information and calculations are done automatically. Intensity zones, activities, training types , ratios of specific to non-specific training, strength, competitions, etc - everything that has to do with training is clearly calculated and recorded.

Optimax is designed for all types of athletes; from beginners to professionals. It is precise enough to compile and manage the training schedule of the most serious athlete, yet simple enough to be used as a daily log for those who just like to remember what they have done. Regardless of the way it is used, everyone can benefit from using Optimax.

Optimax shows you a weekly view of your training schedule to provide a more comprehensive and global vision of past, present and future training activities.

Optimax allows you to generate and print detailed training reports.

Finally, Optimax compiles and lays out, all the data necessary to manage a professional training schedule.

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As an athlete, your success depends on your determination, talent, and many other factors. However, if your training is not efficient and well planed, you will not be able to reach your true potential.

A training log is the ideal tool to plan and analyse an athletes training. It's from data within the training log that athletes and trainers identify the strengths and weaknesses of a specific training program.

What is Optimax?
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