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Features of Optimax

Optimax allows you to capture information to help in the management of your training program. Automation of certain tasks as well as the richness of information tracked by Optimax will certainely help you achieve this.

Information managed by Optimax:

Training data

  • Duration
  • Distance
  • Average speed and pace
  • Intensity (zones)
  • Training activity
  • Training process
  • Percentage of specific vs. non-specific training
  • Daily weight
  • Daily resting pulse
  • Hours of sleep
  • Number of training sessions
  • Comments for each training session
  • Daily comments
  • Customazable field.

Strength training data : 

  • Duration
  • Load
  • Repetitions
  • Type of exercise
  • Comments for each strength training session

Competition summary:

  • Time (results)
  • Position
  • Percentage (your time behind the winner's time, expressed in percentage)
  • Other competitors' results
  • Comments about your performance



Automatic task

Calculation of intensity zones:

Optimax calculates the intensity zones (beats/minute) corresponding to targeted percentages of your VO2max using the Karvonen formula (see Screen Shot)

Specific training versus non-specific training:

Optimax calculates the ratio of specific training versus non-specific training that you have done weekly with  regards to the sport you are training for.


Supported Languages
  • English 
  • French

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